Hi, my name is Noosha and I am the creator of Makeup Addicts Rejoice. I started this beauty blogging journey shortly after giving birth to my first-born. After having a baby your body doesn't always look the same. For me, clothes didn't fit right and my feet even grew a size, so shoes were out the window too. I turned to makeup. I started watching tutorials on YouTube and was instantly fascinated with the artistic side of makeup. I started sharing reviews on my personal Instagram account and soon after decided to create a dedicated page for everything beauty and Makeup Addicts Rejoice was born. I've become part of an amazing community on Instagram and am so incredibly grateful for all the friendships created there.

I decided to start this blog to give my followers a place they could come to for anything beauty related. You will find a wide variety of posts and helpful information here but mostly reviews on beauty products I've been using. I hope you find this blog helpful.

Thank you so much for visiting!