Natasha Denona Lila Palette | Review & Swatches

Natasha Denona Lila Palette | Review & Swatchesfeatured

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The newest addition to the Natasha Denona line of eye shadow palettes is now available. The Lila Palette does not disappoint with it’s beautiful array of purple hued eye shadows. If you love purple eye looks you’ll absolutely fall in love with this palette. Released just in time to create those coveted fall inspired makeup looks. The possibilities with the Lila palette are  nearly endless.

You will find that the packaging mimics the Sunset Palette. A beautiful purple case with magnetic closure. Inside you will find a decent sized mirror, a removable overlay with all the shade names, and 15 gorgeous shadows.

Description courtesy of Sephora:
A palette featuring 15 brand new gorgeous eye shadow shades in a combination of warm and cool violets, plums, and fuchsias—perfect for every skin tone. Inspired by her love for the purple color scale, Natasha created the Lila Eyeshadow Palette just in time for Fall. This must-have palette includes all four classic eye shadow textures in her signature chroma crystal, creamy matte, metallic, and innovative duo chrome finishes. Use the velvety shades alone or layer together for head-turning, versatile eye looks for day or night.

The palette has 15 shades each weighing about 0.08 oz which gives us a total weight of 1.2 oz. Why is she telling us this, you ask? Some of you may know that this palette is expensive. Like crazy expensive! But in a moment I’m going to attempted to justify this insane purchase. Hahaha!! But first time for some swatches…

Shades from left to right:
Per Se 135 CM: Smoky Lilac
Viola 136 M: Magenta Violet
Amara 137 CM: Rusty Berry
Cyclone 138 DC: Pink Copper
Nude Vino 139 CM: Tan Mauve
Layla 140 M: Deep Brown Mauve
Amethyst 141 M: Cool Purple
Magnetic 142 M: Bright Fuchsia
Magnolia 143 K: Peach Champagne
Nude Mauve 144 CM: Dusty Mauve
Juneau 145 S: Sheer Icy Lavender
Livid 146 DC: Silver Amethyst
Purpure 147 M: Berry Burgundy
Dragon Bite 148 DC: Green Red
Helio 149 M: Soft Rose

Abbreviation Key: CM – Creamy Matte, M – Metallic, DC – Duo-Chrome,
K – Chroma Crystal, S – Sheer Metallic

OK, now my attempt at justifying this $129 purchase. Yup you read that right, $129! With the Lila palette you are getting more product for your money. Let’s break it down…

Lila Palette
15 x 0.08 oz = 1.2 oz for $129
A little algebra and we figure out you’re paying roughly $107.50 per oz

Now let’s look at another palette…

Anastasia Beverly Hills Modern Renaissance
14 x 0.02 oz = 0.28 oz for $42
And with the magic of algebra we figure that you’re paying $150 per oz!

I knew those algebra skills would come in handy. Let’s hope I did it right. Hahaha! Feel free to correct me in the comments below. So, is this purchase justified? I know everyone’s budget is different but I hope this gives you a different perspective if it’s a palette you’ve been eyeing.

This palette is available at both Sephora and Beautylish. If you decide you need this palette in your life I urge you to purchase from Beautylish and take advantage of their payment plan. You can split this purchase up into 3 payments. That’s $43 a month with no additional fees or interest. Plus you get your package super fast and their customer service is on another level amazing!

The formula of these shadows are one of a kind. As I was swatching them I found myself saying, wow these are so good, with every swatch. The pigmentation is unbelievable. With just one swipe it’s bam in your face color. They’re so smooth and blend out effortlessly. Truly in a class of their own. I’m surprised they don’t cost more. Yes, you read that right! They’re that good. Just look at the sparkle in these close ups! Needless to say I’m super happy with this purchase. I can’t wait to create more looks. Like I mentioned earlier the possibilities are nearly endless with this shade range.

Are you a Natasha Denona fan? What do you think of the Lila Palette? Will you be purchasing? Sound off in the comments below. I would love to hear your thoughts.

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