Lorac Unzipped Sunset Palettes | Review, Swatches, and Makeup Looks

Lorac Unzipped Sunset Palettes | Review, Swatches, and Makeup Looksfeatured

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Lorac Cosmetics recently released three new unzipped eye shadow palettes. The Desert SunsetMountain Sunset, and Ocean Sunset. I’m a huge fan of Lorac eye shadows. I own all pro and mega pro palettes along with some others. I find their shadows to be really easy to work with. The sunset palettes were no different. Read on for swatches, a makeup look and my thoughts on each palette.

Shades from top to bottom: Mirage, Sandstorm, Cirrus, Joshua Tree, Meditation, Sunrise, Shadow, Illusion, Sunset, and Dunes

The Desert Sunset is hands down my favorite of the three palettes. What can I say I’m a warm toned palette type of girl 😉 This look was super rushed but like I said these shadows are so easy to use. They have great pigmentation and blend so easily. Perfect for beginners to makeup. I foresee this palette getting a lot of love from me.

Shades from top to bottom: Storm, Ametrine, Mahogany, Earth, Blackout, Stone, Cliffside, Burnt Sienna, Graphite, and Smoke Signal

The matte shades in the Mountain Sunset palette are not as pigmented as I’d like them to be but the shimmer shades are stunning. I mean look at Burnt Sienna and Smoke Signal! 😍 Gorgeous, right!? I went for more of a purple grey eye look but you could easily create a more neutral look with this palette as well. 

Shades from top to bottom: Mother of Pearl, Salt Water, Ocean Floor, Horizon, Sea Urchin, Bedrock, Sundown, Sandbar, High Tide, and Stringray

I went for a super simple neutral eye look when I used the Ocean Sunset palette. This is my least favorite palette but I don’t think I’ve given it a fair chance. Looking at the swatches while writing this I’m already thinking up another look I want to try… Sundown on the crease, Sea Urchin on the lid, and High tide to deepen the crease and outer v. Can you visualize it? I hope it looks as good on the eyes as it does in my head haha! I’ll keep you posted on Instagram 🙂

The sunset palettes are available at Ulta and retail for $42. Included with the palette is a mini Behind the Scenes Eye Primer 0.19 oz which is amazing and works beautifully with all Lorac eye shadows. Each palette has 10 different shades and has a total weight of 0.39 oz. Shimmer shades can also be used wet. The possibilities are endless with these palettes!

Thank you so much for reading. Let us know in the comments down below which is your favorite. Don’t forget to subscribe before you leave for makeup talk guaranteed to delight!

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