Current Evening Skincare Routine

Hey there! As promised I’ll be sharing my current evening skincare routine with you today. Of course I start off by removing my makeup and you can read all about the products I use in my How I Remove My Makeup blog post. My last step in that routine talks about a facial wash that I use after I remove my makeup. We will be starting off with what I use after I cleanse my face.

I like to tone my face with this Murad Hydrating Toner. I love that you can just spray this product onto the face and don’t have to worry about using a cotton square. It leaves my skin feeling hydrated and refreshed. I’ve started using this in the mornings too since I finished my Paula’s Choice toner. A lot of times I will spray this on and get pulled away from my routine (this happens more often than note with two boys in the house) and will never get to moisturizer and my skin doesn’t know the difference.

Next I use this Overnight Revitalizing Serum from the glow line by dr. brandt®. The Sephora website describes this as “a potent nighttime skin renewal serum with retinol” and it is just that. This stuff works wonders. My skin looks radiant and feels smooth in the mornings. Lines and pores are less visible. I call it magic in a bottle. The pump is great too as it dispenses just the perfect pea sized amount for your whole face.

For eye cream I use this Advanced Retinol Eye Treatment by StriVectin-AR. This product minimizes dark circles, redness, and puffiness. With regular use my under eyes feel smooth, hydrated and fine lines are less visible. A little bit goes a long way so it is well worth the price tag.

Moving on to the lips. I apply this Sugar Lip Serum Advanced Therapy by fresh all over my lips and a little bit around my lips. This is a great anti aging product. It keeps your lips moisturized, helps with fine lines and wrinkles, and gives your lips a fuller look in the morning. Love this stuff and use it along side my lip therapy balm religiously.

Last step of course is moisturizer. I’ve been using this Hydrating Night Crème by derma|e. It does the job, my skin feels moisturized and super soft in the morning. Here is a tidbit of the description from “This extra-rich, deeply penetrating creme, infused with Vitamins A and E, Ester-C, Allantoin and Macadamia Oil, drenches your skin in moisture. By plumping skin tissue, fine lines and wrinkles seem to disappear.”

The next two products I’m going to talk about I used on my lazy nights. Instead of going through all these steps I use one of these two products depending on my mood.

First is the Luna Sleeping Night Oil by Sunday Riley. When I started using this initial I thought I was allergic to it but after some trial and error I learned it wasn’t this product. Thank the heavens above because this is some amazing stuff right here. This products does wonders for your skin, it helps with wrinkles, pores, and keeps your skin looking young. It is an oil but is good for all skin types. The smell is amazing and you instantly feel relaxed after applying it.

The last product I want to share with you is the Black Tea Firming Overnight Mask by fresh. This product is pretty thick but it feels so good on the skin. You slather it on before bedtime. In the morning you rinse it off and your skin feels super hydrated and firm.

I feel like I said the same thing about each of these products. There is a reason I use this stuff. Each product truly has done wonders for my skin. My problem is actually going through my routine every night. I’m usually pretty exhausted by the end of the night and just want to crawl into bed and crash.

Don’t forget the best skin care product is water! Drink as much water as you can during the day it really makes such a difference in your skin.

I hope you enjoyed this post. Tell me in the comments below what are some of your holy grail skin care products. Until next time, lots of love!

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