Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge Lipsticks | Review & Swatches

Make Up For Ever Artist Rouge Lipsticks | Review & Swatchesfeatured

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Hey, dolls! You may already know that I’m a sucker for packaging so when Make Up For Ever announced they were releasing new Artist Rouge Lipstick my eyes all but fell out of my face. I patiently waited for the release and surprisingly controlled myself and didn’t purchase right away. I wanted to hear what colors people loved and what they thought of the formula first.

These super pigment lipsticks are so creamy and comfortable. The pigmentation that you get from just one swipe is unbelievable. They are described as a long-lasting lipstick and that they are supposed to last 8 hours. That’s a bold statement if you ask me. Some shades immediately leave a tint behind so that helps but I wouldn’t call them long-lasting. The second you eat or drink anything it’s coming off. They have ok staying power but I wouldn’t describe them as long-lasting.

These lipsticks come in over 30 different shades. MUFE doesn’t have names for their shade names rather everything is numbered. Available at Sephora. I’m a big online shopper but I had to go in store to purchase these because there are no color descriptions on the Sephora site. I didn’t think at the time to check the actual MUFE website. They have descriptions of all the shades listed.

The shades either start with a C or M followed by three digits. The C is for creamy and the M is for Matte. Let me tell you, the creamy formula is so soft and creamy. The matte formula is one of the most comfortable matte lipsticks I’ve tried. They are also creamy but give a matte finish and don’t dry out your lips. They do not bleed or feather either. Super impressive formulas! They knocked it out of the park in that department.

The shape of the lipsticks is unique as they come to a very sharp point at the tip. This is supposed to help with the precision of application. I don’t care for it much. It personally makes it more difficult for me to apply. I can’t get a precise line for the life of me. I definitely need to use a lip liner with these or apply with a lip brush. They are visually appealing and like I said give the bullet a unique look.

Let’s talk packaging, my favorite part. I’m loving the sleek and simple black tube. The MUFE logo is stamped on the top of the cap. A silver ring peeks out towards the bottom when closed. It has a snap closure. When opened it reveals a beautiful silver plate that wraps around the bottom and is stamped with Make Up For Ever. I’ll let these pictures do the rest of the talking.

I also picked up a couple of their limited edition shades that come in special packaging. M400 True Red has very different packaging. It has a silver cap with what looks like red brush strokes all around it. I also picked up C603 Midnight Blue. This one comes in the same black cap but has the words Icona Pop written on it in silver. Here are some pics:

There is also one other limited edition shade that has the same Icona Pop packaging as C603 and that is  M401 Hot Red. One shade in the creamy formula and one matte in this collection. These two shades are a collaboration that MUFE did with the ladies of Icona Pop, Aino Jawo and Caroline Hjelt and their makeup artist Colby Smith. Aino created C603 Midnight Blue and Caroline created M401 Hot Red.

On to some swatches. Starting from the top left and zig zagging down I have C108 Hazel Beige, C106 Pink Beige, C211 Rose Wood, M400 True Red, C603 Midnight Blue, M501 Plum Violet, and C502 Taupe Violet.

Overall I’m happy with these lipsticks. Comfort is more important to me than long wearing. The first three shades I swatched are my favorite. These retail for $22 and can be purchased at Sephora and from the MUFE website.

Let me know if the comments below if you’ve tried these lipsticks and if you have a favorite shade. Until next time, lots of love!

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