Caked Lip Fondant Review & Lip Swatches

Bomb packaging, unique shades and long lasting… yes please! To say I love the Caked lip fondants is an understatement. These liquid lipsticks are so unique. The shades are all so beautiful. They initially released six beautiful shades, Crème de la crème, Low Key, Jelly, Sweet Tooth, Legit, and Power Trip. Of these six I’m obsessed with Low Key, I don’t have anything like it in my collection. Just recently they released three new shades, QT, Copy Paste, and Foreva Eva. All beautiful colors!

These liquid lipsticks have a nice formula as well. They have the thicker more mousse like texture and straight up smell like cake batter. I do want to mention the formula of two of the newer shades, QT and Foreva Eva, seem different to me. It may just be me or maybe I didn’t prep my lips well enough but I felt these were a bit flaky but the colors are so amazing that it doesn’t bother me.

Let’s talk packaging… better yet I’ll let you see for yourself how fun the packaging is 😉

 I mean just look at the tops of the caps! How fun is this 🙂

On to some lip swatches…
Crème de la crème (cool toned nude)

Copy Paste (universal nude)

Foreva Eva (pinky nude)

QT (cool toned pink)

Low Key (muted terracotta)

Jelly (cool candied purple)

Legit (deep berry color with blue undertones)

Sweet Tooth (deepened cool toned pink)

Power Trip (deep crimson with  hint of brick)

These liquid lipsticks go for $16 each and can be purchased from the Caked website. Click here to view the site. They have sales often. Just recently they offered 20% off your entire order during Labor Day weekend. They ship internationally and offer free US shipping on orders over $35. They ship out super quick too, I’ve seen people receive their packages in just a few days.

Caked is an indie brand and their products are 100% vegan and cruelty free.

I definitely recommend these liquid lipsticks. If I were to pick three of my favorites they would be Low Key, Jelly, and QT. What are your favorite shades? Let me know in the comments below.

Until next time rejoicers!

Lots of love,




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