BlendSMART Automated Makeup Brush System

The BlendSMART automated makeup brush has become my favorite new beauty tool! This revolutionary new brush has made applying my liquid foundation so much easier. This tool has a rotating brush head that leaves a streak free and perfectly blended finish. The starter set includes the following:

  • Automated handle
  • 1 foundation brush head
  • Long lasting CR123A lithium battery
  • User guide

The starter set retails for $69 and is available on the BlendSMART website here as well as Sephora (online only). The brush heads are interchangeable and there are two other brush heads available, a powder brush and blush brush. All brush heads are available individually and retail for $26 each. I personally have only tried the foundation brush but I have heard wonderful things about the others as well.

The automated handle has a simple on/off switch. It fits very well in the hand and is comfortable. You would think that it would feel heavy and unnatural but that is not the case at all. It is very ergonomic and has a flat base that allows it to stand upright which is perfect for storing/displaying it on your vanity.

There is a slight buzzing sound that comes from the motor but it’s not unbearable to me. It sounds like an electric toothbrush and I don’t even hear it half the time because I’ve tuned it out. Listen and see it rotate here:

The brush head is made of anti-bacterial synthetic fibers that are cruelty free. The foundation brush can be used for both liquid and powder foundation. It is super soft and gentle on the skin. Wash your brush head 2-3 times a month, again depending on usage. If you wash the brush regularly it should last 1-2 years before it will need to be replaced. Make sure to let the brush head dry on it’s side and not upright.

The battery is long lasting and should last 6-8 months depending on usage. Replacement batteries are available at drugstores for about $3.

This brush saves you money on product as you only need a small amount to cover your whole face. One dot of foundation on the forehead, nose, each cheek, and chin is all you need. I have tried the brush with several different liquid foundations and found that it plays better with thinner foundations rather than a thicker consistency foundation. I use Too Faced Born This Way foundation regularly and the brush does a phenomenal job blending it. It works wonderfully with powder foundations as well. A little tip: make sure you pull your hair back when you get close to your hairline as it likes to “eat” your hair 😉

I think this product is well worth the cost as you are saving time and using less product. What I love most about this product is that it doesn’t leave streaks on my face that I find almost all brushes do. At some point I’d like to try the other two brush heads and see how they work.

Here is a little demo video of me trying out the brush:

I hope you’ve enjoyed this review of the BlendSMART rotating makeup brush. Are you adding this cool product to your wish list? Please don’t hesitate to leave any questions in the comments section.

Lots of love!

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